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What is an Accident Attorney?

What is an Accident Attorney?

When you are injured in a car accident, or because of a slip and fall, or you suffer an injury where you suspect another party is at fault, an accident attorney, also known as a personal injury attorney, is one of the first people you should call.

What Is The Difference Between A Personal Injury Lawyer And An Accident Attorney?

In truth, nothing! They are just two different ways of referring to lawyers to specialize in helping victims who were injured and another party is at fault. They handle cases like car and truck accident injuries, slip and fall injuries, and even injuries in the workplace. 

An accident attorney is able to sift through the complicated legal process that comes with handling a claim, from gathering the evidence, negotiating with the insurance companies, and possibly even representing you in court. They can be powerful allies, especially as they allow you to focus on recovery instead of wrangling insurance companies. 

What Types Of Accidents Do Accident Attorneys Handle?

Accident attorneys handle all kinds of cases related to injuries in accidents in order to recover financial compensation. The funds are often needed to pay medical expenses, make up for lost wages, and for pain and suffering. Some accident attornies specialize in specific kinds of injuries, like car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, workplace injuries and more.

Most accident attornies are capable of handling many different kinds of cases. The biggest difference between the cases is how and what they must investigate in order to prove fault or to prove that the amount of compensation is necessary in order to cover incurred expenses.

What Do I Do After An Accident?

If you have been involved in an accident, please follow these nine steps:

  1. Stop. Sven for minor accidents, you need to stop your car and stay a the scene of the accident. Check for injuries. If you are able to call for help do so! 
  2. Call emergency services. If you are injured, be sure that you are able to get the help you need. 
  3. Protect the scene. Set up flares, or turn on your blinkers so that other cars avoid hitting you.
  4. Call the police. Get a police report if you can, especially if you are going to be filing a claim with your insurance company. 
  5. Take pictures. When the police arrived, describe the situation as accurately as possible. Get as many pictures as you can of the scene, this is going to be useful in the future as your lawyer gathers evidence. 
  6. Get the other party’s information. Be sure you get the contact info and the insurance information of the other party. Often the police will gather this information, but it is always good to get the information for your own records. Be sure to get a police report number so you can reference it later when gathering information.
  7. Report the accident. Call your insurance company and report the accident as soon as possible. You may have medical benefits that you can be entitled to, so be sure to check your policy.
  8. Keep a file. Be sure you have all the data you gathered about the incident so you can share this with your accident attorney as they work on the case.
  9. Protect your rights. Consult with your attorney so that you can be armed with the best legal advice that you can. Your attorney can advise you on any questions you might have and make sure that you are fully compensated for your losses.  

How Do I Find An Accident Attorney?

The best place to start is with friends and families. Ask them about their experiences with accident attorneys and who they would recommend. You can also read reviews about the lawyers and research their education to make sure that are qualified to pursue your case. 

You can also often get a free consultation that can allow you to ask any questions you have about the process and get to see if the relationship would be a good fit. You will be working with the lawyer extensively as they work on gathering the evidence, negotiating and perhaps even representing you in court. 

Be sure to do as much research as you can before choosing your lawyer. They are an important addition to your recovery team, and you should be sure to give it the time you need.

How Do Accident Attorneys Get Paid?

Accident attorneys are generally paid based on a contingency fee. With this agreement, the personal injury attorney will only be paid if the client receives compensation. This can take the form of a settlement or a judgment. The contingency fee is a percentage of the clients’ compensation, with the industry standard is 33% for personal injury law.

The fees may vary, your actual fee will be determined by the law firm. If there was a good chance for the case to win, they may agree to a lower contingency fee. There may also be some associated costs, like filing fees, document preparation expenses, and costs to hire outside private investigators. 

If you have any questions, or if you have been injured on the job, reach out to contact an experienced construction accident lawyer at Shirvanian Law Firm for a compassionate approach to your case. If you live in the Glendale area call us at 818-835-5396 to schedule a consultation today.