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Rideshare services like Lyft have changed how California residents travel, making it easier to move from place to place without owning a vehicle. However, they have also affected the number of car accidents in the U.S., with ride-share services causing a 3% increase in crash fatalities nationwide since 2011.

Under California’s at-fault car insurance laws, you can seek compensation if you are hurt while riding in a Lyft vehicle or if a driver hits your car. This can help you seek compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages.

A Lyft accident lawyer in Glendale, California, from The Shirvanian Law Firm can help you take the right steps after a Lyft crash. They can investigate your collision, determine who is at fault, and file a claim seeking a maximum settlement on your behalf.

Common Damages in Lyft Accidents

Experiencing a Lyft collision can be unnerving, whether you are another driver or passenger in a Lyft car accident. These accidents typically result in physical and psychological damages, including the following:

  • Vehicle damage. If you are another driver, your car may suffer dents, scratches, or structural damages that require extensive repairs. This can leave you without a vehicle, causing you to miss work and impacting your ability to handle daily responsibilities.
  • Physical injuries. Accidents may result in minor injuries like cuts or bruises, but severe cases can lead to broken bones, head injuries, or chronic pain. These injuries often require medical attention and rehabilitation, impacting your daily life.
  • Psychological trauma. Mental scars left by a road accident can be as impactful as physical injuries. You may experience anxiety, PTSD, or develop a phobia of driving or riding in cars, necessitating professional psychological help to work through these issues.
  • Lost wages. If injuries from the accident force you to take time off work, you may face financial challenges due to lost wages. This financial strain could become even more burdensome if the recovery period is extended, making it difficult to meet your regular financial commitments.
  • Loss of personal belongings. Items like phones, laptops, or other personal belongings may be damaged or lost during the accident, adding to your post-accident distress. Replacing or repairing these items can be another unexpected expense, worsening your financial strain.

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Who Might Be Responsible for Your Injuries in a Lyft Accident?

Determining responsibility in a Lyft accident can be complex, requiring a thorough investigation to determine if negligence occurred and whose actions caused the crash. If you are injured in a rideshare collision, a Glendale Lyft accident attorney can review the circumstances of the incident to determine fault.

The following parties may be responsible for your injuries in a Lyft accident claim:

  • Lyft driver. If the accident was caused due the negligence or recklessness of the Lyft driver, they might be held responsible. Depending on the specifics of the incident, your attorney can help you seek compensation from the driver’s personal car insurance or Lyft’s insurance policy.
  • Another motorist. If another driver caused the accident, their insurance would typically be responsible for covering your injuries. For example, if you are riding in a Lyft and another vehicle runs a red light, hitting your Lyft, you can file a claim with their California auto liability insurance.
  • Local authorities. Poorly maintained roads or missing traffic signs sometimes contribute to a Lyft accident. If the evidence points to poor road maintenance or improper signage, you may be able to seek a settlement from a government entity.
  • Vehicle manufacturer. If a vehicle defect or malfunction caused the accident. For instance, if a defect in the Lyft’s tire caused the crash, you could file a product liability claim for compensation.
  • Lyft company. You may be able to hold the Lyft company accountable if poor hiring practices lead to your accident. For instance, your Lyft driver was intoxicated while operating their vehicle, leading to your crash. If Lyft failed to conduct a background check and your driver had a history of DUIs, the company may be liable for your injuries.

What Compensation Can You Receive if Your Lyft Driver is At Fault?

When involved in an accident where your Lyft driver is at fault, understanding your possible Lyft accident settlement amount is crucial to receiving fair compensation. A reasonable settlement can cover damages like medical bills, vehicle repair costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Here’s a breakdown of Lyft’s accident insurance coverages, depending on the driver’s status at the time of the accident:

Driver’s Status Third-Party Liability Coverage Per Accident Per-Injury Coverage Property Damage Coverage
On-duty with passengers Up to $1 million in liability coverage Included in $1 million Included in $1 million (with a $1,000 deductible)
On-duty, waiting for passengers Up to $100,000 Up to $50,000 Up to $25,000
Off-duty (App off) No Uber coverage No Uber coverage No Uber coverage

Steps to Take if You’re Hurt in a Lyft Crash

Knowing the steps to take if you’re hurt in a Lyft crash can help you file a successful claim. Your Lyft accident attorney in Glendale, California, can work with you throughout the claim process to protect your rights and help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

  • Seek immediate medical care. Protect your health after a car accident. Even if injuries appear minor, visit a medical provider for an evaluation to understand the full extent of injuries and receive necessary treatment. Delaying medical care can make it more difficult to prove and tie your injuries directly to the accident.
  • Report the incident to the police. In California, accidents that result in injury, death, or property damage exceeding $1,000 must be reported to the authorities. Report your Lyft crash to the police report and work with your attorney to obtain a copy for your claim. A police report is an official incident record, capturing details crucial for insurance claims or potential legal action.
  • Document everything. Capture photographs of the accident scene, your injuries, and damages to your vehicle or any property. Collect contact and insurance information from the Lyft driver, other involved parties, and witnesses.

This video offers insights into dealing with the aftermath of a car accident in California:

  • Consult an attorney. Speak with an attorney knowledgeable in rideshare accidents before reporting your accident to Lyft. The Shirvanian Law Firm can help you understand Lyft’s insurance policy and ensure you don’t say or sign anything that can negatively affect your claim.
  • Report the accident to Lyft. With your attorney’s help, notify Lyft about the accident through their app or website. Filing a report with Lyft initiates the process of claiming insurance from Lyft’s insurance providers.

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If you’ve been injured in a Lyft accident in Glendale or the surrounding areas, having the right legal representation is vital to your case. Obtaining compensation often means dealing with medical appointments, complex claims paperwork, and liability issues that can be hard to navigate on your own.

The Shirvanian Law Firm can represent your interests after a Lyft collision caused by a negligent driver. We can investigate your case, determine whether to file with the driver’s personal insurance or Lyft’s liability policy, and help you get a fair settlement for your injuries.

Contact The Shirvanian Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if your Lyft driver gets in an accident?

If your Lyft driver gets into an accident while in the vehicle, you must take steps to get medical attention, report the incident to the police, and file a claim with the appropriate insurance. Your case may follow the standard settlement process in California; however, consult with The Shirvanian Law Firm to understand your rights and claim process.

Does Lyft give you money when you’re in an accident?

If you’re in an accident while riding with Lyft, you may receive compensation through Lyft’s insurance coverage. The amount varies based on the driver’s status and the accident’s severity, but it can be as much as $1,000,000 if they were signed into the Lyft app.