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When you choose The Shirvanian Law Firm, you are choosing a personal injury law firm that is dedicated to you as a unique individual deserving of respect and dignity – not just a name on a file. We are a top Glendale Personal Injury law firm committed to protecting our clients and fighting to ensure that their medical and financial needs are met, even when the insurance companies try to protect their bottom line. Regardless of how large or small your injury may be, our team is prepared to give you the attentive, efficient, and tenacious representation you need, both in and out of the courtroom.  Call our Personal Injury Law Firm today at (877) 809-4223 or email us on our contact page.

About our Glendale Personal Injury Law Firm

The Shirvanian Law Firm is a full-service personal injury litigation law firm offering injured clients a welcoming environment and personalized legal representation. Communication and trust are at the forefront of our attorney-client relationships and we eschew the traditional view of the stuffy attorney in the stiff environment.
We welcome you to contact our law firm for a Free Case Evaluation and see for yourself why the attorneys at The Shirvanian Law Firm are some of the best personal injury attorneys in all of California. Call us today at (877) 809-4223.

Why Choose Our Personal Injury Lawyers

We focus on what we do best, personal injury cases representing plaintiffs only. At our firm, clients have access to their lawyer 24/7 because accidents are already very stressful, especially when serious injuries are involved. Our litigation, arbitration, trial, mediation, and insurance claims knowledge and experience have provided our clients with a strategic advantage in their injury claims.
Money never makes an injury go away. We strive to provide peace of mind on a personal level with our knowledge, experience, experts, resources, and reputation to aggressively litigate and advocate that makes the pain less difficult to deal with. We are the carefully aimed stone that David used to beat Goliath and the results of fair and just compensation, changing people’s lives, and developing relationships with the community is why personal injury is all we do.
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  •   I don't usually write reviews but I was very impressed with the level of service provided at this law firm. My questions were always answered in a timely manner and I could tell they did their best to attend to all my needs. It made it so much more bearable to deal with an unpleasant traffic accident where I was rear-ended. I highly recommend Narbeh and his gracious team to everyone.

    thumb Bianca B.

      Narbeh and Dorrina are wonderful! I'm currently in the middle of a case they're helping me with and it's going very well. They have been more than attentive and very supportive. I appreciate them so much. Highly recommend.

    thumb Allison M.

      I had a question that needed clarification at around 9-10pm and they were so prompt to reply, almost immediate. Along with the quick response time they were also extremely polite and helpful. Within 5-10 minutes of messaging on yelp I had a scheduled over the phone consultation for the next morning. Although I chose the morning consultation they had even offered to have him call me that same night! Overall extremely satisfied with both the response time and professionalism provided.

    thumb Ana G.

      We have been so happy with the Shirvanian Law Firm. Narbeh was very soft welcoming and warm but we have the huge cherry on top is Dorrina, our case manager! She is so understanding and on top everything we need. She makes us feel taken care of like family. She has already moved mountains to take so much stress and anxiety off our shoulders. It took her no time to have us seen by all the professionals we needed to be seen by after our hit and run. I have major difficulty working with any males, Narbeh listened to my wife and the interaction was very respectfully limited to support my needs. It was calming and brought a lot of security to our hearts.

    thumb Anne S.
  •   I put out a request for a consultation about an injury at a gym. Mr.
    Shirvanian  contacted me right away.  we spoke for a few min. and he advised that because of gym contracts etc.  this case would prob. cost more to bring than what it is worth.  But he went on to advise me on what actions I could take on my own without incurring attorney fees. Though I hope I will never need to, Because of his help and  honesty I will call on this firm in the future . Thank You!

    thumb Claire B.

      Great costumer service! Narbeh Shirvanian and his team was the best! He proved to be worth hiring. I couldn't be more satisfied. After the initial consultation, my mind was completely put at ease, and it was smooth sailing after that.

    thumb Paula G.

      Narbeh Shirvanian has been an amazing attorney for many years. I have been in the courtroom when he was litigating with all his heart for his client. He focuses on the human aspect of his client relationships and has the benefit of his client in mind all the time. It is a no brainer to select him to represent me in all legal matters. Thank you Shirvanian Law Firm.

    thumb S S.

      Amazing law firm Greg was very helpful and professional answer all our question regarding our car accident and our right front office was very nice
    We are happy to met these people

    thumb Frank P.
  •   The law firm did a great job with my case. Long story short, I was in a terrible car accident with my son (toddler) and was in so much pain I was crying. They helped me get the medical treatment we so desperately needed. Very thankful

    thumb Crystal R.

      I have spoken with Mr Shirvanian myself earlier today and he promised to rectify the processing of my case. I was very happy to hear from him and his firm after contacting the office with questions.

    Thank you,

    thumb Darryl M.

      From the minute Narbeh answered my initial phone call, I knew he would be a thoughtful, fair, and empathetic attorney. I called him late in the day after I had been rear ended at a stop light. I was preparing to leave a message or maybe even speak to an assistant. I was shocked when Narbeh answered the phone himself! The other driver caused almost 10k in damage and left my passenger and I suffering the consequences. Narbeh was the only attorney I reached out to who listened to my story through and through. I could tell he is passionate about getting justice and protecting victims of personal injury cases. I live about 45 minutes from Glendale and one of Narbeh's employees came out to my apartment to do paperwork and take the details of my case from the comfort of my own home. I was so impressed! I felt completely taken care of by Narbeh and his team and I'm very happy with the results of my case. I highly recommend him!

    thumb Alison F.

      The folks at The Shirvanian Law Firm are the definition of consummate professionals. I was involved in a traffic incident where I was not at fault back in October 2018. I went on Yelp and found this firm and knew I had to contact Narbeh with all the positive reviews. I provided some information on Yelp and Narbeh called me within an hour to discuss my case.

    I truly felt that Narbeh cared about my case and wanted to get the best possible outcome for me. That same evening, someone from the firm came out and went through all the paperwork with me and no details were left out. I can tell Narbeh's team are just as detail oriented and share the same vision as Narbeh.

    Greg is also great. He has been on top of everything, making sure things are done to Narbeh's standards. I feel a sense of pride working with anyone on their team.

    Communication and regular updates on my case is important to me. I never felt for a moment that I was out of the loop, and my e-mails or calls were always addressed within a matter of hours.

    I wholeheartedly recommend the Shirvanian Firm. If you ever find yourself in a less than fortunate situation, rest assured that these guys (and gals) have your back and your best interest in mind.

    thumb Jonathan L.
  •   Was recommended to the Shirania Law Firm from an friend of mine after I was in an accident. I called & spoke to Narbeh on the phone about my potential case & what had happened. After explaining everything he had told me it wouldn't be worth it to go to court but walked me step by step on what I should do to be able to get a settlement outside of the courts. It was so helpful & he told me to reach out if I had any more questions. Even though I didn't take my case to court he was still immensely helpful in leading me in the right direction & what actions to take!!

    thumb Kaarina B.

      Narbeh Shirvanian is an incredible lawyer who provides his clients with professional and honest advice. He works tirelessly and whole heartedly dedicates himself to being very accessible in order to help with all his clients' legal needs. The office staff at the Shirvanian Law Firm is exceptional; friendly and welcoming, they work efficiently and proactively to provide the highest degree of customer service. This is the go-to law firm!

    thumb Noor G.

      Narbeh Shirvanian is a competent, diligent, and tenacious attorney who is committed to his clients' success. He is a natural-born litigator who is expertly skilled at his craft. I highly recommend him.

    thumb Michael S.

      All I have to say is I got really, really lucky finding this Law Firm. I was involved in a car accident and knew I needed a lawyer. I searched the reviews of firms where I live in Glendale, Ca. From day one, I had a great feeling about Narbeh and then I met Greg who I communicated with regularly. They are two of the most professional and considerate people and over the past year have done everything possible to keep me informed and resolve my case. They exceeded all of my expectations and I could not be happier. Well done and thank you Narbeh and Greg!! Erik

    thumb Erik S.
  •   Narbeh is phenomenal. He answered my call right away. I'm a dancer so I was concerned about the impact the injury I received from an accident would have on my life and career. Narbeh helped me get the care I needed and compensation for work lost. His communication was A++ in helping me understand my options and was honest and direct. Thank you for all your hard work. Highly recommend!

    thumb Alisa O.

      I was in a pretty big car accident. I realized quickly the insurance company was not cooperative. I found Narbeh on Google, he took over my case and answered all my questions in a timely manner. The claim helped pay all my medical bills and for work lost. I don't know what I would do without them. Thank you so much Shirvanian law for your honesty and diligent work.

    thumb Mike C.

      Narbeh is a very attentive lawyer, who cares for his clients personal needs. He follows up with his clients to give them updates on their claims and fights for every penny that is deserved! He's honest and truthful. He will tell you upfront what he believes you will get for your case. He handles different types of cases (accidents, natural disasters) are just a few. His law firm is very organized and the staff is very friendly.

    thumb Cutie s.

      I don't think Narbeh sleeps. I sent a general Yelp request at 5:30am and he answered within minutes. That same morning I had an appointment for a consultation.

    The office decor is very tasteful and welcoming. The atmosphere is professional but laid back. No  "stuffy-attorney" wearing suits and ties here! After our discussion, he explained why my incident did not warrant proceeding with a lawsuit. He was honest and direct, and for that, I was very grateful.
    I highly recommended this office. I had a very good experience.

    thumb Denise M.
  •   The Shirvanian Law Firm completely eased the logistical burden and took care of all my medical needs after my car accident. I was offered chiropractic and acupuncture services to alleviate my pain and was also thoroughly examined by specialists to ensure I would not experience residual problems after my treatments were over. All the procedures and legal progressions were made very clear to me after Greg was assigned to my case. Greg was very communicative and was always happy to explain any updates in my case. The case took a long time to settle, but if you are able to be patient I promise you it is worth the wait. The Shirvanian Law Firm fought very hard for my top dollar settlement and I would recommend them to anyone experiencing pain after being the victim of a car accident.

    thumb Ava Z.

      I am very grateful for the conversation I overheard in which this law firm was being praised. After being in a horrible car accident in which I was injured badly, I needed a reliable attorney to guide me through a very scary situation during not give me the run around. From day one they were great at keeping me informed on what's going, which is refreshing for any first timer. They worked relentlessly to get me the best payout from the party who caused my accident's insurance, and will continue to work hard to get me best payout from mine. They respond promptly to everything which is greatly appreciated! I couldn't have asked to be pointed in the direction of a better attorney. I am so grateful for them!

    thumb Whitney G.

      Calling The Shirvanian Law Firm was the best advice I have ever taken. Thank you Narbeh and Greg for the amazing professional guidance you provided on my behalf.

    Soon after my accident I quickly learned that insurance companies are not your friend. I knew what to do at the scene but had no idea where to get the assistance since the driver's company offered $500 for my losses. It was my first accident and hopefully my last. My friend Joseph from work recommended Narbeh saying he is the best!

    During my first meeting with Narbeh I honestly didn't know what to expect. I came in filled with anxiety and an array of unorganized notes and apologized for it all. Immediately Narbeh assured me that is why he was there.  He immediately helped me in acquiring the proper medical care and settled my case for the $100,000 maximum compensation.

    Thank you for helping me get the medical care I deserved. Thank you for always getting back to me whenever I had questions and never making me feel like I was wasting your time. And last, but not least, thank you for helping navigate me through a very traumatic, anxiety filled and confusing time in my life. I recommend everyone who may unfortunately be in need of a lawyer to call The Shirvanian Law Firm and ask for Narbeh.

    thumb Christina P.

      My experience working with Narbeh and Greg from the shirvanian law firm has been extremely good. I was an uber passenger and got injured in a car accident. This was a very difficult situation for me and I wasn't aware what I was supposed to do in such a situation. My normal routine as well as work life was affected by this accident and possibly needed MRIs, X-rays, multiple consultation with doctors, chiropractors etc. to treat the injuries. The settlement I received from uber was a slap to my face. Shirvanian law firm was recommended by a friend of mine though I was very skeptical to call a lawyer in the first place.

    Initially, I met Narbeh who patiently assessed my situation and advised me to take the necessary medical attention for my injuries. As a person who has never dealt with a lawyer, Narbeh reassured and comforted me by answering every single question backed with factual information around the process. He was extremely helpful and to the point. The process started with him explaining the legalities, signing documents and giving him all the facts and information on the accident(photos, location, driver information etc.). There is no upfront cost. And after that, Narbeh and Greg took over while I focused only on my recovery.

    Greg was a brilliant guy who was always a call away. I received regular updates from him on the case and this simplified my life to a large extent. The whole process (medical treatments, check ups etc) took almost a year. I was provided an update at every point in the negotiation of the settlement and he made sure that I am taking a well informed decision.

    They went above and beyond in their efforts to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies for the pain and hardships I faced. I really appreciate Shirvanian team for their hard work and the way they make a client like me feel comfortable in difficult situations!! Thank you

    thumb Tanay B.
  •   Working with Narbeh and Greg has been an amazing experience . They really give you a peace of mind in what could be a very stressful situation. They fought tooth and nail dealing with very difficult insurance companies to get me the maximum compensation that I deserve.They do not charge any upfront cost which was very helpful in my situation.  I am beyond happy with my choice to use them and would recommend them to all my friends and family. Choosing the right attorney makes all the difference in your outcome and Shirvanian law firm did not disappoint. The 5 stars is well deserved Bravo team!

    thumb Brejauna T.

      This review is long overdue. I wanted to thank Lupe, for kindly taking care of me at the time of my call. Lupe, without hesitation took the time to listen to me while I was going through some legal issues. She passed my msg to Narbeh who took the time to help me with a consultation at no charge, and after hours. He gave me the best advice, he helped with sincere direction. The wonderful thing is that he helped not once but around 3 times. Thank you, for the honest and sincere help. Thank you for listening multiple times to my questions, and great advise. All the other law firms I tried contacting would immediately shut me down. Lupe and Narbeh, thank you for the great care and I highly recommend The Shirvanian Law Firm.

    thumb Misa G.

      I was involved in a car accident, and kept going physical therapy for more than 6 months.  Out-of-pocket medical expenses have accumulated, and I wanted to get those reimbursed.  When I met with the paralegal, my accident (and the $ amount I was going after) was too small to be considered.  However, I later received a call and learned that Narbeh (the lawyer) would take may case after the paralegal described my case to him.  I only spoke to Narbeh once, but I could tell he genuinely cares about and goes for the best of his client's interest.  My case has been recently closed, and the settlement was more than enough to cover the out-of-pocket expenses. The rest would compensate the pain, suffering, and inconveniences I went through, and I am very happy with the result. I appreciate all Narbeh and his team's hard work and great negotiation skills.

    thumb Tomoko J.

      So I had to make a  claim after the famous tujunga fire  was very frustrating dealing with the insurance company myself so I retained the services of Shirvanian law firm  made the call and right away I was greeted by lupe ‍ who was very friendly and explained the process to me in the easiest way possible ‍I really didn't feel like driving  out to Glendale in traffic to pick up some paper work so they emailed them over to me filled them out had Greg the paralegal come out to my house take some pictures talk for a bit and in no time I was paid $$$$ literally maybe took 3 months very satisfied customer !! Will definitely recommend to friends and family !!

    thumb Jesus A.
  •   After being involved in a vehicular accident, My husband and myself retained The Shirvanian Law Firm to handle our case. From the very start we knew we were in good hands. As soon as we walked through the door, Lupe, a professional and courteous receptionist greeted us. That pretty much set the tone for the remainder of our experience with The Shirvanian Law Firm. Not only did they address every concern we had, but they went above and beyond negotiating bills for us. We received a final amount that was very pleasing. We cannot tell you how pleased we are with Narbeh's and his associate lawyer, Greg's professionalism.

    If you are in need of a great law firm that will go above and beyond for you, then you definitely need to get in contact with The Shirvanian Law Firm. We are giving them 10 stars but because the limit on Yelp is only 5, then I guess we will settle for that. #5StarRating Lol haha

    thumb Lee Z.

      I wanted to give thanks to narbeh shirvanian ,
    Lupe Gutierrez  and rest of the staff at shirvanian
    Law great work always ,on top of all aspects of my case and above all giving me and my family something priceless peace of mind knowing I have a great team representing me.

    Thank u and God bless u guys

    thumb Federico V.

      I cannot say enough about this law firm. I was worried after I was hit at a red light, wondering what the next steps would be. This is not my area of expertise and I didn't think I could get any help as I don't know the process well enough. My father suggested I get a lawyer. I looked up lawyers on yelp and I came across Shirvanian Law. From the beginning to the end, they have taken care of EVERYTHING. It was such a relief as I didn't know what would happen. They took that burden off my shoulders. I am so thankful for Narbeh Shirvanian and his associates. I highly recommend them because they get the job done well, and they are just good people.

    thumb Denise B.

      I am so thankful that my brother introduced me to this law firm! From the moment I dialed and Lupe picked up the phone it was the most caring and professional experience I have ever experienced. She was so kind and attentive and took care of me from the beginning to end. Lupe you are a doll!!!! I'm so glad we met you are so smart and such a hard worker. Any doubt or question I had throughout my case you were on top of it. And furthermore as my case went on i want to thank the girl and my attorney they did an excellent job at getting all my needs met. I have no complaint. And even thou it took a bit longer than expected, it doesn't matter because they did a phenomenal job getting me every cent . This firm truly works hard day and night to get your case the best settlement and treat you with the most utterly respect. Special thanks to all my doctors and treatments I received it was great. They all work and communicate very well. Never had a single complaint. I'm so happy with the outcome. Lupe once again thank you!!! God bless you

    thumb Kina M.
  •   Thanks to Narbeh and his wonderful team I was able to get a great settlement for a car accident I was in. I really appreciate all the hard work they put in for my case.  I will definitely be referring them to my friends and family.

    thumb Seta P.

      Narbeh is a mighty fine lawyer. He always returns my calls and answers all the questions I have about my case. Really honest and fair guy. Really listens to what you say and offers great advice!

    thumb David W.

      I haven't hired him as a lawyer, but I recently was in an accident and messaged him for a consultation. Narbeh responded within an hour and gave me some advice on what I should do. He was very helpful with his recommendations. Thank you Narbeh!

    thumb Narbeh K.

      Hands down the best Lawyer ever his dedication to meet your needs at 100% at all times to ensure that your needs and wants are taken care of properly and professional .He meet all my questions and concerns. Truly heaven sent .Very detail oriented, and took his time to make sure we understood everything and made us feel so at ease and free of any worries or doubts. He takes pride in his reputation in representing clients to the fullest of his ability and only showed me nothing but compassion and concern .So with all honesty you will never find anyone better to truly and honestly  represent you to the fullest other than him .

    thumb Rene D.
  •   I've never worked with this law firm; however I had a question and a concern about a fall/slip accident. I sent a request for consultation through the yelp page and I got a response back within an hour. I called and consulted with Narbeh, I explained my concern and questions. He gave me some hints and facts; the conversation was short but to the point and he also reassured me to follow through a few things and call him back if I had further questions and concerns.

    thumb Valentina S.

      They got me one of the largest settlements that I could have expected. Got into a bad car wreck with a friend in my car a while back. Was searching through yelp and found this law firm. I called the law firm and spoke to the friendly staff. I then spoke to the attorney. He was very personable and explained the law was in my favor. My injuries were taken care of. I paid nothing out of pocket. In the end, I was shown the policy limits for the at fault person. Narbeh and his team really outdid themselves. I can't thank them enough.

    Anyone who needs a car accident lawyer should call Narbeh and see how great they are. I'm so thankful that my injuries got taken care of and I got a big check for my pain and suffering. Thanks Narbeh and Shirvanian law firm for the amazing work!

    thumb Bj L.

      The best support I have ever had from a lawyer. Very quick in response they actually follow up and tell you step by step as to where your case is. Everyone from the front desk to the attorney have been very supportive as I transitioned from my old attorney to them. They make you feel like family for sure !!!

    thumb DJ Strech Entertainment D.

      Mr. Shirvanian was so extremely helpful in listening to my situation. I received a phone call in less than 2 minutes after placing a request for a consultation in which he spent over 30 minutes answering all my questions in detail. I would highly recommend him as he is very knowledgable and will do his best to guide you in the right direction. You won't be disappointed!

    thumb Linnet A.
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