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Turn to The Shirvanian Law Firm for the best representation after a car accident, truck accident, or other serious injury. With our firm, you can expect thorough and aggressive advocacy that delivers optimal results.

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When you choose The Shirvanian Law Firm, you are choosing a personal injury law firm that is dedicated to you as a unique individual deserving of respect and dignity – not just a name on a file. We are a top Glendale personal injury law firm committed to protecting our clients and fighting to ensure that their medical and financial needs are met, even when the insurance companies try to protect their bottom line. Regardless of how large or small your injury may be, our team is prepared to give you the attentive, efficient, and tenacious representation you need, both in and out of the courtroom. Call our Personal Injury Law Firm today at (866) 410-2396 or email us on our contact page.

About Our Glendale Personal Injury Law Firm

The Shirvanian Law Firm is a full-service personal injury litigation law firm offering injured clients a welcoming environment and personalized legal representation. Communication and trust are at the forefront of our attorney-client relationships and we eschew the traditional view of the stuffy attorney in the stiff environment.

We welcome you to contact our law firm for a Free Case Evaluation and see for yourself why the attorneys at The Shirvanian Law Firm are some of the best personal injury attorneys in all of California. Call us today at (866) 410-2396.

Why Choose Our Personal Injury Lawyers

We focus on what we do best, personal injury cases representing plaintiffs only. At our firm, clients have access to their lawyer 24/7 because accidents are already very stressful, especially when serious injuries are involved. Our litigation, arbitration, trial, mediation, and insurance claims knowledge and experience have provided our clients with a strategic advantage in their injury claims.

Money never makes an injury go away. We strive to provide peace of mind on a personal level with our knowledge, experience, experts, resources, and reputation to aggressively litigate and advocate that makes the pain less difficult to deal with. We are the carefully aimed stone that David used to beat Goliath and the results of fair and just compensation, changing people’s lives, and developing relationships with the community is why personal injury is all we do.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There is zero cost to our clients, as the Shirvanian law firm will advance all costs and invest the time and money necessary for each client’s pursuit of justice. When a case is “won” and a settlement or verdict is reached, Shirvanian law firm will get a percentage (on a contingency fee basis) of the case as well as their costs back. If no recovery is made, nothing is owed by the client to the firm. Even if there are outstanding doctor bills, Shirvanian law firm can get those bills/medical liens waived typically so that the client literally pays for nothing. It’s a win win situation for the clients because they get excellent legal muscle on their side, they pay nothing, and when a case is won Shirvanina law firm negotiates all outstanding bills/liens down so the client’s net recovery is maximized.

Some charge an hourly fee with a hefty retainer, but Shirvanian law firm works on a contingency fee structure with a “no recovery no fee owed” policy. There are different percentages for different stages of the case, such as a pre-litigation settlement, post-litigation settlement, post trial/verdict settlement, pre-arbitration or post-arbitration settlement. We are happy to explain these in detail. We are proud that we work the numbers so the client’s net recovery is maximized. At the end of the day, our client’s should never worry about the money aspect as our primary concern is their health and recovery from the accident. They will never pay anything out of their pocket for medical bills related to the case and we will always ensure all bills are included in the case to maximize their financial recovery and net settlement.

Personal injury claims are one of the most complex and most disputed/fought cases by the insurance companies. Their entire objective (even your own insurance company) is to find a way to deny your claim, delay your claim, or to defend your claim. We call it the “Triple D” game. An experienced personal injury lawyer acts to protect you from day 1. You’ve heard the expression “anything can and will be used against you,” right? Well, the insurance companies love when self-represented claimants try to handle their own cases. They will offer you pennies on the dollar and we have heard of insurance adjusters knocking on your door at home and offering you a small amount of money with a release in hand to settle the case. Once you sign on the dotted line, your case is over. And they will do anything in their power to get you to settle before hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer.

We have your back. We listen. We care. We take it personally. We can help you maximize your case from getting the most value for your total loss claim, making sure all property damages are paid out to your fairly, get you reimbursed for all out of pocket expenses, but most importantly help manage your personal injury claim so that there are no “gaps in treatment.” The longer you wait, the worse for your case. Our experienced lawyers, having handled thousands of cases know what to expect from the insurance company and their defense lawyers. Mr. Shirvanian was formerly an insurance defense lawyer, as such, he knows their tricks. It’s like knowing what the enemy is thinking and doing and taking action to counteract and beat them at their own game. We make sure all injury claims are properly evaluated by medical professionals, we ensure no stone is left unturned, and utilizing our legal reputation will either get you the best settlement possible or file lawsuits against all “at fault” parties to leverage the risk of a jury trial against the defendants/defense/insurance companies to maximize your financial settlement or jury verdict.

You would never drive blindly, why handle your own case without the foresight of the Shirvanian law firm’s experience and expertise? Call us today (866) 410-2396

They vary. Common sense says a minor/less severe case can get settled quicker and the more complex/serious injury cases will take more time. We do not settle cases until the case is “ripe” for settlement. That is all damages are ascertained and realized, all necessary and reasonable treatment is received by the client so we know how their bodies have recovered or not recovered and what future treatment is required to a “reasonable degree of medical certainty.” On average, 8-12 months for a less severe ase, 12-24 months for a serious injury case, and if a lawsuit is needed those can take another 2 years depending on ow complex the issues, what needs to be proven, how much work the lawyer needs to do to conduct discovery and prepare the case for an eventual trial if need be.

It all depends on your injuries and what you need to (and we need to do) do to get you medically recovered before attempting a settlement. After negotiations and once a settlement is “final,” then there is much more work left to be done. Gathering updated and final medical bill balances and negotiating with all the doctors/liens to reduce their bills as much as we can to maximize your settlement. We work efficiently to get this done as soon as possible. Typically, we pay our clients within 30 days, but results vary.