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Glendale Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction Accident Law Firm serving Los Angeles, Kern, Riverside and Sacramento Counties.

According to the National Safety Council, the construction industry was one of the most dangerous work environments in the U.S. in 2021. The BLS reports that in 2020, construction workers experienced 308 deaths, the highest fatal injury count in over five years.

If you are injured in a construction accident, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation to pay for medical expenses and partial wages. However, if these benefits are not enough to cover your damages, you may be able to file a third-party claim to receive additional compensation.

A California construction site accident lawyer at The Shirvanian Law Firm can help you understand your rights and options after a construction injury. Our legal team will review the circumstances of your case and help you maximize compensation for your damages.

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Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are some of the most common areas for workplace accidents. According to construction accident statistics from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), 47.4% of all fatal occupational injuries occurred in the transportation, material moving, construction, and extraction industries.

Most construction site fatalities are caused by one of four hazards:


In 2020, falls among construction workers were responsible for almost 33% of all fatal injuries in the construction and extraction industry. The BLS reports 345 construction worker deaths from falls that year, with 96 among construction laborers. Fatal falls in the construction industry represent 51% of all falls nationally, according to the National Institute for Occupational and Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Caught In Between Machinery

Construction workers can often be caught between or sucked into machinery, resulting in debilitating injuries. The BLS reports that in 2021, 143 workers were caught in or compressed by equipment or objects. 93 people were caught in running machinery, 17 were pinched or compressed by shifting objects, and 6 were entangled in an object or equipment.

Struck By Falling Objects

A struck-by injury occurs when an object or equipment hits or impacts a construction worker. Contact with objects and equipment is the fourth most common cause of nonfatal injuries leading to days off. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s construction accident report, there were 196,140 workers injured by objects in 2020 and 705 fatalities in 2021.


Electrocution occurs when a construction worker is exposed to too much electrical energy. Direct contact with electricity caused almost 60% of electrocutions. The improper use of extension cords and the lack of protection and clearance distance from power lines exposes workers to several dangers, including burns, shock, and explosions.

Your Legal Options After a Construction Accident

When you are injured in a construction accident, you have a few legal options for pursuing compensation. If you’re an employee and your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, you can file a claim for benefits to cover medical care and some lost wages.

However, these benefits are temporary, lasting 104 to 240 weeks, depending on the injury. This could leave you without benefits for long-term injuries or permanent disabilities. Additionally, workers’ compensation doesn’t cover the non-economic damage a construction injury can cause, such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, or loss of enjoyment of life.

Work with a California construction site accident lawyer from The Shirvanian Law Firm to get you fair compensation after a construction injury. Your attorney can investigate your accident to determine if you can file a third-party claim against the construction company, property owner, or parts manufacturer to receive damages. These can include medical expenses, lost wages and future earnings, and compensation for psychological injuries from the accident.

When Can You File a Construction Accident Injury Lawsuit?

You cannot file a lawsuit against your employer if they have workers’ compensation insurance and you’re eligible for benefits. However, California allows you to file a third-party claim under a few exceptions:

You can also work with your construction accident lawyer from The Shirvanian Law Firm to file a claim against third parties, such as negligent property managers or parts manufacturers whose actions led to your injury.

Can Family Members File a Wrongful Death After a Construction Site Accident?

If your loved one died in a construction site accident, you may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit with the help of a construction accident law firm. This type of legal claim enables you and certain family members, such as your children, to seek compensation for damages when someone else’s wrongful behavior caused the death of your loved one.

Financial compensation can cover expenses such as:

  • Medical costs incurred for injuries or illnesses that eventually led to the death
  • Expenses related to funeral and burial
  • Lost wages and benefits the deceased would have earned if they were alive
  • Pain, suffering, and loss of companionship experienced by you and your relatives

The Shirvanian Law Firm understands that losing a loved one in a construction accident can be devastating. Our construction accident lawyer can help your family obtain compensation for your loss.

Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer in Glendale, California

The Shirvanian Law Firm is dedicated to helping those injured on the job in construction accidents. Our experienced construction accident lawyer understands the complexities of such cases and can help you seek damages from construction companies, property owners, and equipment manufacturers.

Our construction site accident lawyer works with clients in Glendale, Riverside, Bakersfield, and Riverside, California. The Shirvanian Law Firm works on a contingency fee arrangement, so you don’t have to worry about paying any upfront fees and can focus on your recovery while we fight to protect your rights.

Contact our law firm today for a free and confidential case evaluation. We will assess your claim and provide the legal guidance you need to get the compensation you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Common Accident in Construction?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace fatalities due to falls, slips, and trips saw a 5.6% increase in 2021. There were 370 such deaths in 2021 in the construction industries, a 7.2% increase from the previous year’s 345 fatalities.

What are the Statistics for Construction Related Injuries?

  • Over 8,076 construction workers missed work due to injury and illness in 2022.
  • Preventable fatal injuries are workplace injuries that could have been avoided without proper safety measures and training. In 2021, the construction industry had the highest preventable fatal injuries compared to other sectors.
  • The 10 primary causes of injuries in the workplace incur a cost of over $1 billion per week for American businesses, with a total cost of more than $58 billion annually.

What are Some Common Construction Related Injuries?

Construction site injuries include burns, electrocution, spinal cord injuries, and head or brain injuries. Construction workers may also experience knee, ankle, neck, and shoulder injuries. In the worst cases, these injuries can lead to permanent disability or death.

How Can You Bring a Construction Accident Claim?

To bring a compensation claim, you must gather as much information about the accident as possible, including witnesses’ names, photos, videos, and medical records. Compensation for construction accidents may cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages related to the injury or illness.

A skilled construction accident lawyer in Glendale, California, can help you navigate the legal process and determine the best legal action to maximize your compensation for your injuries.

To learn more, or to inquire about or contingency fees, contact The Shirvanian Law Firm at (877) 809-4223