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Fire Accidents Attorney and Fire Insurance Claims Lawyer

When is it time to get a lawyer involved in a fire insurance claim that’s going nowhere?

Fire can spell doom for many, gutting homes and reducing property to ash. Sadly, fires are a common occurrence and a costly cause of loss all across the United States. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2014 fires caused an estimated $11.6 billion in direct property loss. That is a huge number and that number is likely to continue to grow. While not every fire results in a total loss, even small fires can be costly and leave a difficult to clean up the mess. The costs of recovery increase as the severity of the fire grows. After a fire has been put out and the coals have been cooled, policyholders hope to recoup their losses by submitting claims to their fire insurance company. That’s where a fire insurance claim attorney comes in to play.

However, this process isn’t always as easy or as fair as it should be. If you are concerned about a fire insurance claim, or if you think your claim has been unfairly denied, contact our experienced team of fire insurance claim lawyers at (818) 835-5396 to start investigating your rights. 

The True Cost of Property Loss due to Fire

The damage a fire can do generally seems quite obvious, but that is not the only factor for loss in a serious fire. The costs of recovery, repair, and restoring the property after the fire can often add up to thousands of dollars that can include the losses from:

  • Direct fire damage
  • Melting and warping of materials due to the intense heat of the fire
  • Window damage and broken glass
  • Water and mold from the water used in fighting the fire
  • Smoke and soot damage
  • Damage to the HVAC systems, plumbing, electronics, wiring, etc, that is often difficult to assess
  • Uncertain long-term effects of what seems to be just surface damage.
  • Loss of paperwork, interiors, and belongings

Clearly fire damage can be quite extensive, and the heat, smoke, soot, and water left after a fire can reach into so many unseen places that it is extremely important for you as the policyholder to get a careful and thorough assessment of your loss from a trusted professional. 

If the assessment of losses is rushed or if the assessor does not try to uncover the full extent of the damages, you could be at risk of accepting much less than your claim is actually worth. This can leave you to pay the costs of the repair and recovery out of pocket, especially if new problems are uncovered or have gotten worse. 

Challenges You Might Encounter when Trying to Resolve Fire Loss Insurance Claims

While your insurance coverage can often give needed to relieve after a fire, there are a number of potential issues that can crop up when trying to resolve fire insurance claims. Some challenges policyholders run into during the claims process can include: 

  • Lengthy delays in the resolution of claims
  • Underpayments that do not fully cover the losses
  • Surprise in actual coverage or in policy language
  • Disagreements between you and the insurance company about repair or replacement costs

Some policyholders can be upset when they find out that their insurance coverage can vary depending on the source of the fire. One example is that, depending on the details of the policy, insurance companies can have different rules for damage if the cause of the fire was wildfires, house fires, electrical fires, and even fires in nearby buildings.

If you can’t get a fair resolution from your insurance company, or if you think that your insurance company is not treating you fairly, don’t be afraid to find help. By talking with an experienced fire insurance claim lawyer with The Shirvanian Law Firm, and you can learn more about the law, your rights, and how you get the results you need.

When Should I Speak with a Fire Insurance Claim Attorney?

While it might be possible to navigate a fire insurance claim on your own, an experienced attorney can be an extremely valuable ally and resource if any problem should come up. Sadly, many people are unaware of their policyholder rights and they start seeking help only after they have:

  • Made mistakes that dramatically reduce the value of their insurance claims.
  • Fail to account for all fire-related losses.
  • Inadequately document or assess damages related to fire.
  • Been offered far less than their fire-damage claim is worth.
  • Waited for months or even years for a fair resolution to their fire-damage claim.

Don’t wait until it is too late to get the help that you need. No matter the problems that you are facing, an experienced fire insurance claim attorney can help you:

  • Determine why you are having trouble with getting the money you should be getting in your claim.
  • Maximize your claim and be able to account for all losses.
  • Protect your rights as a policyholder and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Ensure that you are able to recover as quickly as possible from the fire.

Reach Out to Our Fire Insurance Claim Lawyers Today

You pay for the protection that your fire insurance is supposed to provide, and you can count on that insurance policy to cover your losses when the worst disaster happens. If you can’t get the resolution that you need from your fire claim, or if your claim is denied unfairly, remember that there are laws that protect your rights as a policyholder. Speak with a insurance claim attorney at the Shrivanian Law Firm in Glendale, CA at (818) 835-5396 today.