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uber accident lawyer

Should I call a lawyer if I was in an Uber Accident?

Any kind of accident is extremely stressful, but when the accident occurs while you are operating a rideshare vehicle, finding the right Uber accident lawyer can be even more difficult.

Drivers of rideshare apps such as Uber or Lyft have more to worry about than most motorists. Because they are on the road more than the typical driver, and driving potentially in during late hours, it is only a matter of time before an accident happens. And despite your best defensive driving, other drivers are out there and they may be distracted or not as skilled at driving.

Both Uber and Lyft provide $1 million in liability coverage while you’re on a trip or en route to a passenger but you still want to be sure to have rideshare insurance to cover you during the time where you have the app on but are waiting for a passenger to pick up.

Breakdown of Uber’s Insurance Policy for Drivers

If you were to ever get into a car accident with a passenger, Uber and Lyft have policies that will pay out liability and collision but they won’t cover common things like:

  • Rental cars
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages

However, if the other party is at fault, you can actually try to make a settlement with their insurance company. You may be entitled to a variety of things:

  • Lost wages: because your income is derived from your vehicle, and you can’t make wages while the car is being repaired, getting lost wages is extremely important
  • Medical expenses: Injuries can happen even at low speeds, and injuries from a car accident can translate to expensive medical bills and lengthy treatment
  • Rental car: While you are not able to drive with Lyft or Uber with a rental car, you’ll still need a car to get around while your car is being repaired
  • Damages to your car: Getting your car repaired should be your top priority after attending to your health

If the other party is at fault, it is possible that you may be entitled to a settlement that covers all of the above options, but you are responsible for working with the insurance company and any other involved parties.

In situations like these, it is doubly important to find a good lawyer to work with who can help you negotiate a higher settlement, even after the lawyer’s fee.

Generally, an Uber accident lawyer won’t charge you upfront for their services, instead of taking a percentage off based on the settlement. They can get your car repaired and the treatment you need quickly.

How the Uber Insurance Policy affects Passengers

All drivers are required to carry personal insurance when driving with Uber, however, when you are on a trip, it is the rideshare’s company’s policy that is primary. The $1 million of liability insurance that it provides is significantly larger than most typical personal policies, so there is a potential for a very large settlement if you are injured while in a rideshare vehicle.

Just like rideshare drivers, you are eligible for lost wages, medical, and more if you are involved in a rideshare accident with Uber or Lyft.

How to find a Good Uber Accident Lawyer

There are a ton of lawyers out there that practice personal injury law, but you want to find one that specializes in rideshare accidents. They will understand the ins and outs of what it takes to represent someone who has been injured in a rideshare accident.

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