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semi truck accident lawyer

What is the difference between a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer and Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you are a semi-truck driver and have been in an accident recently you may be wondering what the difference is between a semi-truck accident lawyer and a personal injury lawyer. How do you tell the two apart? Are there any differences? How can you know your case will be handled well?

This may be the first of many confusing decisions to make as you pursue your claim. Luckily, a semi-truck accident lawyer can be an invaluable guide and advocate for you in the process to get your claim. We will explore these questions and more in this article. 

Difference between attorney and lawyer

There is no real difference between an attorney and a lawyer in the United States. An attorney is a person qualified and licensed to represent clients in court and can act on the client’s behalf and plead or defend a case in legal proceedings. Anyone who graduated from law school and passes the state bar exam is qualified to practice law. 

Lawyers are those who are trained in the field of law and provide advice and aid on legal matters. In the United States, these two terms are considered synonyms. So whether someone styles themselves as an attorney or a lawyer, you should check their credentials, where they studied and their client history to thoroughly vet them and make sure you are working with a winner.

There are a profusion of different types of lawyers and picking the right kind for your case can often be confusing. One way to look for them is to ask friends and family that had success and to get an understanding of who they would recommend. 

Personal Injury lawyers vs Semi-truck accident lawyer

So then, what is the difference between a personal injury lawyer and a semi-truck accident lawyer? The difference is specialization. 

There are hundreds of different types of personal injury lawyers. Personal injury law covers many different types of injuries, from falls to car accidents, to wrongful death. Lawyers tend to specialize in different forms of law and a personal injury lawyer is one that specializes in cases that involve accidents and injuries. 

Some lawyers specialize even further and focus on a particular type of injury, like semi-truck accident lawyers. Because of the difficulty in proper holding a semi-truck accident case, because of the expenses around retaining an expert witness, many law firms do not do an adequate job pursuing those cases. 

The first step that a semi-truck accident lawyer must do is examine the truck in its post-accident condition. The expert will review the backbox data which provides a wealth of information on how the truck is being operated at the time of the wreck. 

Some lawyers may skip this process entirely or handle the investigation on a shoe-string budget. However, the big rig must be examined in order to build a full picture of the accident. 

Benefits of having a lawyer represent your case

Accidents involving semi-trucks often have more serious injuries than those involving other kinds of cars. An 18 wheeler is tens of thousands of pounds heavier than a commercial vehicle and all that weight takes much longer to stop. This can make them into lethal weapons if involved in an accident. 

Getting somebody to be held accountable for those injuries is difficult, and often filled with confusing legal requirements, specific rules around when and where to file a claim. Not to mention the settlement process. 

Insurance companies have hundreds of highly paid and expert attorneys to manage the claims made against them. You ought to give yourself a fighting chance when going up against these powerful players. 

A semi-truck accident attorney can help you build your case, gather the evidence, get expert witnesses, and ensure that you get the biggest settlement possible. Be sure your lawyer is not afraid of taking the case to court. Insurance companies will often back down or reach a more equitable settlement if they know they’ll be up against an experienced attorney. 

Have Further Questions?

If you have any questions, reach out to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Shirvanian Law Firm for a compassionate approach to your injury. If you live in California and have been in an accident please call the Shirvanian and Law Firm 818-835-5396 to schedule a consultation today.