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Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyers

Uber/Lyft Accident Attorneys serving Los Angeles & Kern County

California Uber/Lyft/Rideshare Accident Lawyers

Uber/Lyft AccidentIf you’re riding in a bus or taxi at the time of the crash, the company involved in the collision is required by law to handle your claim quickly. The bus, limo or taxi company should offer you a settlement that reimburses all your medical bills, lost wages, and other related damages.

The liability process becomes a little more complicated if you’re involved in a rideshare accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver.  These companies are app-based, vehicle-for-hire services in which case drivers operate their own vehicles.  This means that each driver is covered by their own auto insurance policy.  There are fewer safeguards to protect consumers.  The drivers aren’t trained in the same manner as taxi drivers. The vehicles aren’t inspected in the same manner that taxis are, and the insurance coverage is entirely different.  Lyft and Uber have insurance for their drivers that differ depending on whether they have secured a passenger or not.

If you’ve been injured in a rideshare car accident, you may be wondering about who will compensate you for your medical expenses, lost income, and other costs. The experienced auto accident attorneys at the Shirvanian Law Firm have the knowledge and resources it takes to help you secure fair compensation for your losses. Call us to find out how we can help you. We can be reached at (818) 835-5396 or (877) 809-4223.

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Typical Uber/Lyft Insurance Policy

  • Once the driver is assigned to or accepts a passenger:
    • Up to $1 million for total liability coverage
    • Up to $1 million for crashes caused by uninsured and/or underinsured motorists
    • Property damage for the repair cost of the vehicle or actual cash value, with a $1,000 deductible ($2,500 for Lyft)
  • Once the driver is “on duty” but before any passenger is assigned:
    • Up to $50,000 for bodily injuries, per person, and $100,000 for bodily injuries per accident
    • Up to $25,000 for property damage

Of course, the insurance limits may only be the starting point depending on the seriousness of the injuries.

Compensation for an Uber/Lyft/Rideshare Accident

This puts the financial burdens that come with being involved in an accident on the shoulders of the drivers.  While Uber drivers are required to get an auto insurance policy, many do not have policies that cover commercial accidents. This provides their insurance providers with an opportunity to deny claims from the injured passengers.

This creates a gap in insurance coverage that can lead to complications. Uber was involved in a court case back in 2013 when a 6-year-old San Francisco girl was killed in a crash. Uber’s insurance company denied coverage claiming that they do not cover drivers between rides.  This is just one example of how these types of rideshare companies can lead to complicated liability cases.

With proper legal guidance and counsel, you should be able to receive financial compensation for the injuries you have suffered while riding in an Uber vehicle. Whether you are in an Uber, Lyft, a bus, a taxi, or any other commercial vehicle, you’ll need help to secure fair compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other related damages

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