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Car Sharing accident lawyer

What happens when you get in an accident while car sharing?

A number of new apps, including Turo, Maven, or Getaround, make borrowing someone else’s car as easy as a quick tap. Car-sharing comes with a whole host of benefits: all the convenience of getting to your destination quickly and without the hassle of public transportation, and with none of the paying for gas, insurance, maintenance, or parking!

With a car-sharing app, you get access to a car when you need it. Some services offer vehicles rented not from car rental agencies, but from peers, creating a wonderfully cheap alternative. These services are generally charging by the hour instead of days or weeks, allowing you to make that quick commute across town to your important meeting and never worry about parking.

What happens though, when you get into an auto accident while using one of these services? Who is responsible? The owner renting out their car or the person using the car-sharing service? What happens when a reckless or negligent driver hits your car? These are all questions that an auto-accident attorney can help you with.

Insurance and Car-Sharing

Generally, you can get insurance through various car-sharing services. The exact benefits depend largely on the company, but here are some examples:

  • Turo offers insurance to both the owner of the car and the person renting it. Turo car owners can choose between Basic, Premium, and Standard to protect their vehicle. When the host chooses Standard or Premium, primary liability coverage up to $1,000,000 is provided without a deductible. With the Basic Plan, there is a $3,000 deductible. Coverage for the primary guest is secondary to any other insurance they may have but adds supplemental liability.
  • Getaround offers a choice between comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage.
  • Maven also offers coverage up to the minimum required in each state. The driver is responsible for the first thousand dollars of damages.

What happens if an accident results in an injury?

First, be sure to get medical attention right away! A doctor’s evaluation can mean the difference between treatment for bruising and the discovery of a shattered spine. It is not uncommon for injuries to set in for a day or more after the accident. Even seemingly minor symptoms may be signs of a larger problem. This could also point to an impact on your ability to live a quality life or work on a long-term basis.  Second, you want to give the attorneys at The Shirvanian Law Firm a call to discuss your matter.  You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, time away from work, or long term damages that can impact your quality of life.  The call is free and if you do have a case, you don’t pay unless we recover fees for your injuries.

Who’s at fault?

Determining Liability in cases like these is still a new area in the law, and there are still some undefined areas. The coverage for the car owner is to provide liability coverage so that the car is protected against theft or damage. Car renters are screened to help further protect the vehicle. The coverage selected by the driver is intended to provide sufficient protection for physical damage or liability in the event of an accident.

Thankfully, the process for filing a claim for an accident in a car-sharing vehicle is much like doing so for any other car accident. Get the driver’s information, including name, license number, phone number, and insurance information. Take plenty of pictures to support your claim, and be sure to snap a photo of the other driver’s license plate. Call the police to have them file a police report.

Finally, the expert attorneys at The Shirvanian Law Firm can help you navigate the sometimes impossible waters of car accident law. You deserve to have a trusted, experienced expert on your team, especially when going toe-to-toe with insurance companies.