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5 Things to Consider in a Case of Wrongful Death

In April of 2019, a collision between a car that was street racing and a car making a left turn resulted in the deaths of two of the drivers. Tragic cases like these are horrifying when they happen, and if your loved one was a victim of a fatal crash, you deserve to get the best help that you can.  At The Shirvanian Law Firm in Glendale, CA you are under the care of experts who will be able to help you in your most painful or difficult situations. If you find yourself in this type of unfortunate situation, please give us call at (818) 835-5396 to speak to an experienced wrongful death attorney who will handle your matter as if it were their own.

This article will explore the things that are considered in the case of a wrongful death or a serious injury sustained as a result of a collision. These are the basic factors that go into the determining of what kind of award can be given in the case of a collision resulting in an injury or death. Because of the traumatic and painful circumstances, it can often be a very difficult time to keep all the things that go into recouping damages in addition to dealing with healing from injuries or arranging funeral arrangements. Use an expert to give you an edge and to take the difficult and often confusing work of sussing through personal injury law in order to get the justice you deserve.

  1. Determine who is liable
    The most important factor in any case is determining who is at fault. This question will have the largest impact on the case, and have an impact on how much the damages awarded by the jury. If it is determined that the other party’s at fault, then your award is one-hundred  percent of the agreed upon damages.You will want to be sure to get as much evidence from the site of the collision, including pictures, police reports, and doctors reports of any injuries. These pieces of information will be very useful in determining how much damages should be awarded to you and to determine exactly who was at fault in the time of the crash.
  2. Injuries
    The type of injury sustained, and especially in the case of death, can have a big impact on the process. A death will likely move the case to court where the prosecutor must prove that the other party was negligent in their conduct. This will have an effect on the damages awarded, as well as the sentence for the at-fault party.The seriousness of the injury is a large factor in determining this, with death being the most serious outcome of an accident. Be sure to get good records and documentation of all injuries sustained as these will be invaluable for use in court.
  3. Lost Income and Missing Wages
    The loss of income due to injuries sustained in the accident can be a big factor in getting a just award for damages. This can come in the form of a person’s income that is lost during the recovery period, or even missed wages due to a doctor’s appointment, or any other factors that prevent the victim working due to the injury. This can even apply if the victim uses their personal time off and sick time to try to cover the missing hours, as they can still be eligible to recoup damages.The missing income can even translate into a long-term lost earnings. For example, someone who sustains an injury in a collision that prevented them from standing for a long period of time, and they work a job like a server, they would no longer be able to perform their job in the same function so they could be potentially compensated.
  4. Pain And suffering
    Pain and suffering is not a straightforward or easy to understand aspect of how damages are awarded. There are a few formulas that are sometimes used, but these look at a variety of factors. In the case of a wrongful death, this becomes a more important aspect in determining damages and liability.

You should entrust your case to an expert, especially in a tragic case of wrongful death. Give The Shirvanian Law Firm a call at (818) 835-5396 today to arrange a free consultation.