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What Makes a Great Car Accident Attorney?

In the aftermath of an auto accident, often the first thought in many people’s minds is “Do I need to get a car accident lawyer?” For small accidents like a fender-bender, you might think that it may not be necessary to hire a lawyer, but cases like those are ones that insurance companies are not likely to fight.

If your case is one that has severely impacted your life, prevented you from doing things you normally do, or forced you to cancel trips, social activities, or miss work, a car accident lawyer is a right choice for you. Insurance companies have teams of crack lawyers and experts devoted to fighting cases like these. You deserve to have somebody to be on your side.

Your car accident attorney is your advocate and unless you have a basic understanding of your rights, they can provide you with clear guidance and handle your case for you. A good car accident lawyer is one who you can trust will handle your case well. The best way to find a car accident lawyer is to do some research. Keep in mind the qualities listed in this article to aid you in your search.

  • A no-pressure environment
    When looking for a good injury attorney, be wary of those firms that are wanting to get you signed up within the first hour of talking with you. Be especially careful of those firms where you don’t even get to speak to an attorney before signing up. It’s likely that firms like those won’t actually fight for you as well as you deserve. You need to be sure that the attorney has room to work on your case and to give it the attention it needs.You wouldn’t want to go to a overbooked movie theater, much less an attorney’s office.You want to be sure that the attorney can accurately determine if you actually need their services in the first place. A good, reputable car accident lawyer can make sure that you have a strong case that they can help you win before taking the case.
  • A verifiable history of success
    When doing your research you want to look for some key indicators that they are a experienced attorney, with a history of success. Whether that is through past reviews, or even asking them what their success rate is, you want to be sure they know how to do their job well. Look for certificates or awards from prestigious law groups. Most great car accident attorneys will have their reviews readily available for you to access. Look to see how current their reviews are, and how many they have. A good car accident lawyer will let you see the value of their services long before you have any financial obligation to pay for them.Some specifics that you should look for include: their credentials, peer ratings from other lawyers and other recognition’s from the legal community. You want to be sure their track record reflects the quality of lawyer you are seeking. Ask some key questions to be sure they are a good match, including How long have they been handling cases like yours? How involved do they want you to be in handling your case?Also, consider whether or not the potential lawyer is willing to take the case to trial if the case warrants such action. While most cases settle outside of court, some require further litigation. Ask for specific examples of how they fought for their past clients and won.
  • Specializes in auto accidents
    You want to get a specialist in auto accidents. Personal injury law is complex and covers a wide range of case types. You want to be sure that they have a working knowledge of car accident injury cases. In your research, confirm that they are the right people to handle your case. Signs of specialization include interviews about the subject in local papers, or radio stations, or giving a public presentation on the topic.Look at their education and licensing. Being licensed to practice law doesn’t mean your lawyer is able to win your case. You wouldn’t trust a foot doctor to treat your heart!
  • Communicates Clearly
    Communication is the key that wins most cases. Your lawyer must be able to communicate clearly and effectively to you what they need to win the case. Having those details ready for the prospective attorney to look at is a sure fire way to have them tell you whether or not they can help you with your case. A good car accident lawyer is quick to respond and easy to see in person.Also, consider how you work together. Your lawyer is now on your team, and you have to connect with them on a professional level. Are your communication styles the same, or are they too different? Do you both have a good rapport and have easy, clear and correct communication? Are they willing to hear you out about your case, or do they assume aspects of it? You don’t want an attorney who dismisses what you have to say or instructs you on how you feel or what it is that you should want from the case.


You are building a team of support. Your lawyer is part of that team and must support you and your goal of fighting for the damages that are owed to you. You have suffered enough in the accident, be sure your lawyer can soothe the legal pain you still might be feeling.

Research is the first step in winning your case. Don’t be afraid to call or stop by an attorney’s office to arrange a time to meet with them. You owe it to yourself to get the best help you can, and you owe it to yourself to get the best car accident lawyer you can. Use the qualities in this article to help you narrow down your search to be able to find and use the best lawyer for your case.