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personal injury lawyer

What are the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer to handle my accident case?

If you have experienced a car accident, motorcycle accident, or a slip or a fall you may be wondering if getting a personal injury lawyer is the right decision. Personal injuries are often stressful, costly and time-consuming and if someone else is liable for your injuries you may be entitled to compensation by filing a claim.

A personal injury lawyer would help you navigate the often confusing legal waters that surround filing a claim and making sure you are justly compensated. They will bring their expert knowledge of liability laws, defining negligence, statutes of limitations, damage caps and more. They will help build the case and collect evidence and documentation. They’ll help find experts to testify, conduct depositions and deal with any insurance companies and defense attornies. 

Doing all this on your own is difficult when you aren’t recovering from an injury, so why put extra stress on yourself while you are trying to heal?

Why should you hire a personal injury lawyer?

Here are some solid reasons why you should use a personal injury lawyer:

They Know Your Claim’s Value

Unless you have years of experience with personal injury law, you probably don’t have a solid grasp on how much you could get through a personal injury claim. 

Don’t put your full faith int eh personal injury settlement calculators you find online, as there are many more factors that go into the estimation of how much you can expect to receive in compensation.

These include an analysis of your injuries, your pain and suffering, the insurance company’s strategy, and any future medical needs after a consultation with a medical professional. 

They Understand the Process

The legal procedures surrounding personal injury are difficult to understand for the average person who has no experience with the law. A personal injury lawyer will know which legal documents to file, when and how to complete the forms, and what applicable statutes of limitations are.

They know the strategies that insurance companies use, and they are on your side to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of. If you take the case in your own hands, you may risk losing thousands of dollars from your insurance settlement. 

They Are Motivated to Assist You

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means they get paid if they win or settle the case successfully. They will do everything they can to make sure this happens. 

A good Personal Injury lawyer will use their experience and knowledge to make sure that you get the highest settlement possible, and do so quickly so you get paid in as timely a manner as possible.

They Will Not Back Down

If an attempt at a settlement fails, your attorney will not be afraid to take the case to trial. Having an attorney representing you in court, or even just having the threat of one, shows that you are serious. This may motivate the insurance companies to make an earlier and more equitable settlement offer.

Is it worth getting a lawyer for a car accident?

When there could potentially be thousands of dollars on the line, the decision to get a personal injury lawyer seems like a no brainer. But is it really worth it?

You have to consider that you aren’t just paying for a legal expert. You are paying for a team member to help you get your just compensation. You are paying for years of experience through hundreds of trials. You are paying for reduced stress, peace of mind which is as valuable as gold as you focus on your recovery. 

Consider if you want to deal with the seemingly endless legal requirements of proper filing, paperwork and more while also dealing with insurance companies whose priority is to pay as little as possible. Do you want to have to hand all of that on top of your recovery? 

All in all, getting a personal injury lawyer is an investment in getting the highest settlement possible, but in helping preserve your energy so you can focus on making sure you do what you need to be healthy.

Have Further Questions?

If you have any questions, reach out to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Shirvanian Law Firm for a compassionate approach to your injury. If you live in the Glendale area call the Shirvanian Law Firm at 818-835-5396 to schedule a consultation today.