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bicycle accident

What do I do after a bicycle accident in California?

It’s a beautiful spring day and you’re riding your bike along the side of the road, well into the bike lane. Suddenly you see a blur in your peripheral vision sweep past and you find yourself soaring through the air. With a thud, you hit the ground and the world begins to spin around you as adrenaline pulses through your veins.

Just about every bicyclist has had a harrowing experience while riding their bike, whether it be a close call with a motorist or a crash. Often these incidences have happened more than once. It is not uncommon that at least one of these incidents has left them with severe injuries that impacted their quality of life and their ability to work long-term.

Immediately after the crash, get out of the street as soon as you can. If you are prone on the street, this increases the chance that you will be hit by another car. Motorists generally look at the road ahead of them, and they may not notice you or your bike or anything else that is lying on the ground.

Never assume that just because you were able to get out of the road that you are unhurt. That rush of adrenaline that is released after any dangerous encounter affects your ability to properly assess and notice that you may have a severe injury.

If you cannot bear weight on a part of your body, you have likely broken a bone and will need immediate medical attention. Get emergency services to you as soon as possible. Every second count, especially in instances of internal bleeding, or brain hemorrhages. Call the police, take pictures and if you are well enough, give your statement of the incident to the police.

Police can help you document what occurred and help get you the information you need from the other motorist, including name, contact details, license number, and insurance coverage. They can also help locate and get statements from witnesses who can help your case should it go to litigation.

After the accident

Once you are well enough, have your bike examined and assessed by a bicycle shop repairman who can properly observe, assess, and document the damage done to your bike. You can be entitled to compensation should you need it for any damaged property as a result of the crash.

Once available, get a copy of the police report. Keep all these materials together and in a safe place so your attorney can use them to your advantage. A good personal injury law attorney can be the right ally you need to win the damages that you are owed which is why you should call The Shirvanian Law Firm in Glendale, CA.  We have handled all types of accident cases and have the knowledge and experience you need on your side when dealing with insurance companies and their attorneys.

Don’t be afraid of reaching out to a personal injury lawyer and asking for their credentials, past clients you can speak to and arrange a consultation. You deserve to have the best team possible on your side. When doing your research always have an eye on their track record. Have they handled cases similar to your own? Have they been able to win cases like yours on a consistent basis? Keep these questions in mind while doing your research.