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8 tactics California Insurance Companies use to reduce or deny claims

After an accident, you may be thankful for having good insurance coverage, especially if you were injured in the process. While insurance companies have a legal obligation to fairly assess and award damaged for any given claim, they will sometimes use any tactic that they can to avoid paying you for whatever damages you are owed.

Today we will explore some of the ways that California Insurance companies attempt to reduce or deny a claim.

Denying Liability

The insurance company may attempt to say that you are partially at fault. They will try to push the case away by blaming you for some of the faults of the accident. If you sustained an injury as a result of the auto accident, they may even try to claim that the injury is not as serious as you claim, or that you could not have gotten such an injury in the accident.

This tactic can be very maddening, and when this happens you should consult with your attorney immediately.  The at-fault driver is responsible for paying your claim, and their insurance company may suggest that the accident was your fault. California is a Pure Comparative Negligence state. What this means is that the injured party who is least at fault can still recover compensation. Due the complexity of auto accident and personal injury law, a good auto accident attorney can help you understand your options.

Being quick to settle

Being too quick to settle can mean that they want you to agree to an unfair settlement before you have time to really assess what you are owed. They may even be trying to get to you before you have had a chance to get to an auto accident attorney.

It is very important that you take the time to understand the settlement being offered and that you give yourself time to consult with an auto accident attorney. People who have legal representation to help them file their auto accident claims always come ahead with larger settlements than those who file without a qualified auto accident attorney.

Delaying without reason

Insurance companies will often delay, because everything has a time limit. You have a time limit before you can no longer file a claim, and once you do, insurance companies are legally obligated to process the claim in a timely manner.

Some insurance companies will try to get you to drop the case by giving you excuse after excuse. Don’t let that headache compound any other issues you are dealing with after the crash, let a qualified auto accident attorney handle the insurance companies attempts at a runaround.

Asking for a recorded statement

A recorded statement can be used against you, so be wary about agreeing to any kind of recorded statement. Claims adjustors are trying to take advantage of your natural confusion and high emotion after the accident to find a way that they can wiggle out of giving you the money owed.

They could even take your response to the question “How are you?” as an admission of good health. Be careful!

Disputing medical bills

Insurance companies may try to get you to stop taking medication, or get you to stop treatment by telling you that your medical bills won’t be covered. Once you stop, they can take that as an admission that your injuries weren’t as severe as you have claimed.

A good auto accident attorney can help you through any disputes.

Offering less money than the claim is worth

Insurance companies will often try to lowball you with pitiful offers, hoping you will just say yes. This is often used after frequent delays, as they hope you are so worn out that you will just take the money and stop bothering them.

A good auto accident attorney will continue to fight for you to get you the damages you are owed!

Telling you that you don’t need an attorney

This is a huge warning sign! Why would you not want an expert to handle some of the most complicated laws most people will ever run into? An insurance company telling you this probably wants to avoid paying the claim altogether. An auto accident attorney is there to protect your rights and ensure you get what you are rightfully owed.

Consider if some of these tactics are being used by your insurance company, and if so – hire an auto accident attorney as soon as you can!